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The QEnergySpa is a hydrotherapy device used to enhance and amplify your body’s own ability to heal itself. The QEnergySpa is based on the emerging field of Quantum physics where a produced biocharge resonates with your own energy field improving healing and detoxification.

The Benefits of the QEnergySpa include:

  • Increases Vitality
  • Reduces Stress & Tension
  • Restores Harmony and Balance
  • Increases your Body’s own Ability to Repair & Detoxify
  • Non-invasive

The QEnergySpa is the ultimate revolution in natural bio-energy re-vitalisation for your body, capable of assisting the human body to function at its full capacity and provide you with more energy to effectively cope with today's stresses.

With higher energy levels your body is capable of significantly reducing recovery time and allows you to better control and manage aches and pains.

The QEnergySpa is based on the principle that all living matter contains a "bio-charge" or bio-energy. This energy is what enables all the systems of the body to operate. The efficiency of operation of these systems within our bodies is determined by the energy level of our body. When the body has a high energy level, all the body’s systems will operate efficiently as a collective whole, allowing the body to regenerate at its peak.

The QEnergySpa was created to re-balance and amplify the bio-electric signature of your body and is the only available Bio-Energy device capable of creating the necessary complex field interactions within the water.

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